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Our mission at Abydos Academy is to make academic literacy relevant and accessible to a wide range of students. 
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Dr Nadine Campbell is the Academic Course Advisor at Western Sydney University (WSU) in the School of Business. She was responsible for initiating and developing the academic literacy program for the School of Business’ students. At the undergraduate level she taught about academic integrity and plagiarism and how to read and comprehend academic literature as well as write academic essays and reports. At the post-graduate level, she teaches academic and business writing as well as serves as a writing advisor for students undertaking their Master’s thesis or PhD.

In 2016, Dr Campbell has started a consultancy firm, Abydos Academy, that focuses on curriculum development and teaching academic literacy and business writing. Through Abydos Academy, Nadine has developed literacy programs for small boutique institutions which cater for international students and runs business writing course in industry, with clients across Australia.
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