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In 2018, Dr Campbell started Abydos Academy, a consultancy firm that focuses on curriculum development and teaching academic literacy and business writing. Through Abydos Academy, Nadine has developed literacy programs for small boutique institutions that cater to international students and runs business writing courses in industry with clients across Australia.

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our vision
Provide online educational programs to everyone.
Our Mission
To create and deliver academic literacy and business writing courses to enable global success.

our values
Sustainability | Globalisation 
Innovation | Creativity
our credo
Putting clients, employees, and the planet first.

Dr Nadine Campbell
CEO & Founder


Dr Nadine Campbell is the Academic Course Advisor at Western Sydney University (WSU) in the School of Business. She was responsible for developing the academic literacy program for the School of Business and School of Law. At the undergraduate level, Dr Campbell taught academic integrity and plagiarism and how to read and comprehend academic literature as well as write academic essays and reports. At the post-graduate level, she currently teaches academic and business writing and serves as a writing advisor for students undertaking their Master's thesis or PhD.


Meet Our Team

Arnold Cereaux
Director, Marketing and Business Development
Arnold spent the last 30 years developing sales, marketing and training strategies for a large multinational company in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. He is a strong advocate of foundational education and is passionate about maximising students' potential to achieve global success.


Mohammad Reaz
Consulting Lead, Asia-Pacific
Mohammad has taught in universities in Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Australia. His interactions with students from various cultural backgrounds provide a unique insight into student learning needs and how they can develop their academic and professional writing skills to advance their career objectives. 

Julian Smith
Learning and Operations
Julian is a certified trainer with extensive experience in eLearning and IT support. He is responsible for designing and developing Abydos Academy's website, learning modules, and social media presence.

Debbie Cummings
Chief Financial Officer

Debbie has worked in accounting since 1976 and is a recognised FCPA. Previously, She worked as a Financial Controller in the Murdoch empire and was a Manager at Deloitte. In addition to her duties at Abydos Academy, Debbie runs her own company, BASystems, specialising in BAS and IAS statements. And in her spare time, Debbie teaches accounting at WSU, where her passion for academia shines.


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