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Frequently asked questions

What is 'academic literacy' and why do I need it?

While you might have received excellent TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, or CPE scores, this is only the first step in your university journey abroad. International students should also take academic literacy courses because we have found students who have studied English for four years still struggle to meet the academic requirements at university.  

Academic literacy is the ability to read, comprehend and write about academic subjects meaningfully and coherently. Essentially, academic writing is the cornerstone of your university program. Academic writing is the process of analysing, discussing, and evaluating a topic and presenting your ideas using scholarly sources and the appropriate referencing format.  

Academic literacy encompasses the ability to:
  • Understand academic vocabulary in context;
  • Comprehend the sequence and logical development of an argument and construction of an academic text;
  • Appreciate the different genres of text, understanding their appropriate use and context;
  • Develop a clear thesis, distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant information;
  • Investigate and rigorously analyse evidence to support a thesis;
  • Interpret data, identify the differences between cause and effect, and classify and categorise information;
  • Express your ideas through different forms of academic language to demonstrate your understanding of the content to obtain good marks on your assessment.  

Abydos Academy's Academic Writing Course will equip you with these skills and more. You can take one module at a time or purchase the whole course here.

How much do your courses cost? Are there any ongoing fees?

Our Modules are unique - they vary in cost based on how much content is included. They are a one-time purchase, so there is no ongoing cost. We offer very competitive prices. Keep an eye out for our special offers and take advantage of our Academic Writing Courses.

Can I buy 1 module at a time? Do I need the whole set?

While we recommend taking the completed Academic Literacy & Writing Course, you can sign up for individual modules if you are only looking to work on that skill, like Referencing, one of our most popular modules. You can also purchase one of our Writing Courses, where you can hone a particular skill set like Critical Analysis or Researching.

Is your Academic Writing program certified? 

No. Our modules and courses were developed and written by Dr Nadine Campbell, PhD, MA, MS, BA, an experienced academic currently based at Western Sydney University. She is QM certified and has taught thousands of students academic writing and literacy skills for over two decades.

How long does my access to the course last?

You have 6 months' access to the modules and courses you purchase. You can also access the recordings of our Masterclasses that you purchase.

How many courses do you offer?

The main objective of Abydos Academy's Academic Writing and Business Writing modules and courses is to build foundational knowledge. However, these modules can be taken by individuals who simply want to improve their writing skills. For more details on our modules and courses, click here.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

You earn a Certificate of Completion once you have completed a Module. We also offer Certificates for attendees of our Masterclasses.

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