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Academic Writing Course

This comprehensive package covers Academic Integrity and the entire essay writing process in 13 online modules and live Master Classes.

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Approach your assignments using all the strategies, tips, tricks and resources found in the The Academic Writing Course.
  • Discuss the importance of understanding your rights and responsibilities under Academic Integrity policies.
  • Explore the essay writing process.
  • Understand the question to both the university and work environment and develop a clear plan to tackle any question in any discipline.
  • Learn how to brainstorm and how to tackle your academic assignment effectively.
  • Employ critical reading techniques so you can analyse a text in any genre
  • Reference and cite both scholarly and non-scholarly sources.
  • Recognise logical fallacies and errors in reasoning and reflect on your own cognitive biases.
  • Summarise and paraphrase sources to demonstrate your understanding and avoid plagiarism.
  • Learn editing and proofreading strategies before going through the submission checklist, the final step before submission.
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Academic Writing Course

This course provides everything you need to write academic essays.

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