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Acknowledging sources is an important part of good written communication skills. At university, students who do not cite in-text or include the full bibliographical details will be investigated for academic misconduct. At work, employers increasingly require staff to acknowledge resources to meet accreditation requirements for professional bodies.

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Understand the concepts of referencing and citing.

Create references using the major forms of referencing systems and learn how differentiate between a bibliography and reference list for your assessment task.
Cite and reference with ease, recognise the major forms of referencing.

What's included?

  • Introduction
  • 7.1 Citing
  • 7.2 The Four Steps of Referencing:
    • APA 7th edition
    • Chicago/Turabian
    • Harvard
    • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
    • MLA (Modern Language Association)
    • Vancouver/AMA (American Medical Association)
  • Summary
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