What is online learning?

Abydos Academy Team

Typically, online learning is when students undertake courses online instead of in a face-to-face classroom. Online learning or e-learning has made learning available to students and learners who cannot attend traditional schools due to geographical distance or other commitments.

Online learning usually occurs through a learning management system (LMS). These systems, like the one you are using now, allows the exchange of information between learners and instructors. Students can use these systems to engage with their learning material, attend virtual classes or watch videos. Instructors can set summative or formative assessments where learners can take tests, participate in discussions, complete quizzes or simulations to demonstrate their learning. Additionally, students can receive feedback through comments, discussion boards or emails.

How does online learning differ from traditional learning?

Online learning can be either synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous instruction is where both the instructor and students are online at the same time and interact in a virtual classroom. It is very similar to face-to-face classes. However, asynchronous online classes offer more flexibility because both instructors and learners can work at a time and place that suits them best. Asynchronous learning also allows you to study at your own pace to complete a course as quickly or slowly as you want.

No matter which type of online course you choose, you will be able to study from anywhere in the world.

Abydos Academy’s online courses enable you to:
• earn a certificate without needing to enter a physical classroom;
• work full-time while you study;
• set your own learning timetable or schedule;
• prepare for your international students;
• refer to course material as you study in traditional classrooms; and
• interact with students from around the world.

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