Why did you choose the name Abydos Academy?

Dr. Nadine Campbell

The name Abydos Academy was chosen by our Founder and CEO, Dr Nadine Campbell. Abydos is among the oldest cities discovered in Egypt, and indeed, the whole world. The site is considered one of the world's most significant archaeological sites because predynastic rulers found it, and then the pharaohs further developed it in the 1st to 13th dynasties. Evidence also shows that the 1st dynasty and some 2nd dynasty pharaohs were buried at Abydos. Abydos also hold numerous ancient temples and tombs, offering a unique insight into Ancient Egypt's religious and burial customs, including the jackal-headed god Wepwawet, who "opened the way" to the realm of the dead.

But what does all of this have to do with academic and business writing?

Archaeologists discovered bone and ivory tags and pottery with seal impressions dated between 3320 and 3150 BC, making them some of the earliest examples of writing. The Abydos King List discovered in the temple of Seti is regarded as the 'Rosetta Stone' for understanding Egyptian history, as it provides the dates and names of ancient Egyptian kings from the 7th and 8th Dynasties. These early examples of writing are important to world history and provide a guide to the origins and purpose of writing.

Therefore, Abydos Academy takes its name from this ancient city because we value the historical significance of Abydos as the birthplace of writing and human progress.
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