Academic Literacy - the next step after English proficiency

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Academic literacy is the next step after English proficiency. Students who have achieved academic literacy are able to read and understand academic texts, including research papers, journal articles, and textbooks. They can also engage in critical thinking about academic content. To be proficient in academic literacy, students need to develop strong reading skills and a deep understanding of the structure and meaning of academic texts.

What is academic literacy?

Most people think of literacy in terms of reading and writing. But there is another form of literacy, called academic literacy. Academic literacy is a set of skills that students need to do well in school and beyond. These skills include reading, writing, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. Academic literacy is not just about knowing the right answer; it is also about being able to find the right answer. It is about being able to understand complex texts, think critically, and communicate effectively. It also includes having a strong understanding of grammar and vocabulary. 

What skills does academic literacy include?

Academic literacy is at the heart of all academic work. It involves a broad range of activities and skills, such as:

understanding texts with different levels of complexity; comprehending and analysing complex texts; developing critical thinking skills. Writing: Using text to express ideas, making connections, and analysing texts; writing in a range of genres.
Critical Thinking:
Understanding how information is organized, how it is being manipulated to persuade an audience, and applying critical thinking skills to understand and evaluate the quality of that information.
Referencing and Citations: Using bibliographic tools and using sources to support ideas, conclusions, and arguments. 
Academic Vocabulary: Using research-based vocabulary to study and think critically about issues of interest to the learner.

How can academic literacy be improved?

Academic literacy includes knowing how to read, write, and analyse academic texts. It also includes being able to use technology tools correctly and having a strong research skills. If students have mastered academic literacy, they will be better prepared to take courses in higher education institutions and be successful in their studies. In the 21st century, due to the rapid rise of digital communication media, social media and the internet, there has been a significant increase in academic cheating. The use of mobile phones as an aid for academic cheating has also increased dramatically. Improving knowledge of academic literacy could remedy some of these issues. Abydos Academy's Academic Writing Course provide students with a holistic introduction to academic literacy, from understanding issues in Academic Integrity, to understanding how to construct an argument, to final submission.

How to share notes via mobile

Note-sharing allows you to easily share notes with others in a quick and efficient manner. There are various ways to share notes via mobile.

The most common way is to send the note as an email attachment.
  • To do this, open the note in your note-taking app and then tap the share button. This will allow you to select the email app of your choice.
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Conclusion: Why is Academic Literacy Important for  Students?

Academic literacy refers to the ability to read, write, and understand complex academic materials. It is an essential skill for students who want to succeed at university and career programs. Many colleges and universities now require that all students demonstrate some level of academic literacy to be successful. Whether you are a high school student planning to attend a university or a recent graduate seeking a job in the economy, acquiring academic literacy is essential for success. There are many resources available to help you improve your reading, writing, and understanding skills. Abydos Academy offers a full-suite course in academic writing, preparing you before you study abroad. Abydos Academy provides a rigorous and innovative academic curriculum that prepares students for university. In addition to academic literacy, Abydos Academy offers many programs that help students develop their career readiness.
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