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Empower yourself. | Improve your skills. | Be more professional.

Abydos Academy delivers superior academic and business writing courses that provide a comprehensive learning experience to improve and accelerate your global success, now and into the future.

Benefits of our training programs

Learn the best strategies and all the tips and tricks to help you improve your writing in the
academic and business environments.

Practical approach

Our interactive training courses provide practical skills that enhance your learning experiences and can be easily applied at university and at work.

Globally oriented

Our writing strategies allow our students to immediately apply their academic writing skills and knowledge at any university worldwide.

For your career

Our world-class courses will boost your career or business opportunities as your written communication skills outshine your competition.

Prepare Before You Go

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of writing academic papers? Do you want to get a step ahead and excel in your studies? 

Written communication skills are paramount for your university and professional career. Abydos Academy will teach you how to research, critically analyse, and write outstanding assessments and business documents at university and beyond.

Our students  us

Very useful, especially for international students.
Had a fun time learning skills which will be required during my coursework.
The training was very comprehensive and insightful. I gained a lot of practical ideas on how I can improve my writing skills. Thank you!  


Dynamic learning experiences!


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